HOW TO: Fix a hole in your lace closure or frontal wig

Don’t throw away your wig over a little hole!!!!

Here’s a quick, easy, DIY hack to repair small holes in your lace closure or lace frontal wig in less than 5 minutes. BEGINNER FRIENDLY!!!

What you will need…

1. Transparent thread (Find at Walmart)

2. Small Sewing needle (Also find at Walmart)

Detailed Directions:

Thread the sewing needle with the transparent thread. Turn the wig inside out. Pinch the lace together (don’t pinch too hard, just enough to close the hole.) Then begin sewing the lace together. Knot it at both ends to ensure it is secured. Now turn the wig back around and WALA magic, the hole is sealed without a trace of the transparent thread. See video for visual walk through of these instructions.

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