What is the difference between premium virgin hair and raw hair?

Our raw hair is ethically sourced, each bundle of hair comes from one willing donor, it is placed in a ponytail, then cut above the ponytail to keep all hairs intact and aligned which in turn keeps the hair cuticles aligned and running in the same direction and prevents tangling. The hair is cleansed thoroughly and wefted, that is it that is all. No chemicals, acid or steam is used on the hair to achieve the hairs pattern, the hairs pattern is that of the donor. Please note because every donor is different and their hair pattern and color is unique, no two bundles will ever be the same, they will be similar but not exactly the same. When ordering multiple bundles we do our absolute best to send you bundles that are very similar in regards to pattern and color. Please be aware that because the hair is in its raw state, it may sometimes be frizzy or even have split ends. We recommend co-washing the hair often to keep it moisturized, trimming the ends if necessary and applying a lightweight frizz serum to control the frizz. See our hair care guide for further recommendations. With proper care and maintenance our raw hair can last you up to 3 years.

Our premium virgin hair is imported in bulk from India to China where it is cleansed, wefted and given a precisely defined hair pattern, known to many by its popular name “Brazilian hair, however in the production of our bundles no harsh chemicals or acid is used at all. We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality hair that comes from China. With proper care and maintenance this hair can last you 1-2 years.

How much hair do I need for a traditional sew in?

2 bundles are recommended for lengths 12”-16”

3 bundles for lengths 18”-22”

4-5 bundles for lengths 24”and up, depending on the level of fullness you desire.

Our bundles vary in weight from 3.2-3.5 ounces. Always remember,  the longer the hair the shorter the weft.

Can I dye and/or bleach the hair?

Yes all of our hair can be bleached and or dyed to any level and color your desire. It is strongly advised that you take it to a professional to be done if your are inexperienced, as you can badly damage the hair with improper technique. It is vital after coloring or bleaching that you condition and treat the hair regularly to keep it healthy just as you would your own hair.

Does the hair shed?

Shedding is inevitable with all wefted hair, however the shedding is very minimal, please see our hair care guide for steps on how to greatly prevent shedding.

Do you have different size lace closures or frontals?

Yes we offer 3 different size lace closures all free part 4×4 5×5 & 6×6. With a 4×4 closure parting space is very limited and as you go up in size the more area you have to part within. With a 6×6 closure you can do deep side parts and part back further and almost get the feel of frontal without all of the hassle of a frontal, these are my favorite. We offer 13×4 & 13×6 free part lace frontals as well. 13×6 allows for parting further back, when you can part further back it gives a more realistic appearance.

What color is the lace on your lace closures & frontals?

The color on our lace comes standard as medium brown which blends well with most light to medium brown skin tones. The lace can be tinted to match darker brown skin tones but can not be altered to match very fair and white skin tones. Please keep this in mind when purchasing our closures & frontals.

How long will my lace closure or frontal last?

Lace closures are delicate and are not meant to last for a very long time. They were originally designed to be used for theater/stage plays, however being the savvy humans that we are we’ve figured out a way to make them look very realistic and turned them into an everyday wear phenomenon. It takes a lot of manipulating to make them look the most realistic, unfortunately because of this you can expect the lace when sew in to only last for a few weeks. When it is made into a wig expect it to last a few short months, longer if you do not wear the wig everyday. How long your lace will last is solely up to you and how you choose to wear it and care for it. Of course the less manipulating you do to it, the longer it will last. Please note, our lace closures & frontals do come with a natural hairline, the knots are small and the front hairline has been pre-plucked, this will make yours or your stylist job much easier when customizing.

When will my hair or order be shipped out?

Please see our Shipping Policy for details on our shipping & handling. We highly recommend you do not book any hair appointment until your hair order has been delivered to you.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Unfortunately once your order has been placed, we begin working on it right away so canceling is not an option. However we will do our best to accommodate any reasonable requests to make changes to your order prior to your order being shipped. Please contact us immediately to discuss any changes that need to be made to your order.


How much hair do I need for a custom wig?

You will need either a lace closure or a lace frontal and at least 2-3 bundles of hair, more depending on your head circumference and hair lengths. Please find a reference for how many bundles you will need below

2 bundles are recommended for lengths 12”-16”

3 bundles for lengths 18”-22” & or head circumference of 23”

4-5 bundles for lengths 24”and up, depending on the level of fullness you desire.

Construction with a lace closure or frontal and up to 3 bundles is included in the cost of your custom wig. If you desire more volume we can add more hair into to your wig for a fee of $20 for every bundle beyond 3. 6 bundles total is the max we will add to any wig. Please note 3 bundles are required if your head circumference measures 23”or your bundle lengths are 18” or more, 2 bundles is not acceptable for this. Not providing or purchasing the required amount of bundles to complete your custom wig, will delay your order.

Can I send in my own hair for a custom wig?

Yes absolutely, we know purchasing hair from anywhere is an investment & there’s no sense in letting your investment go to waste. If you have some used hair you want to recycle then by all means go to the custom wig section of our website, select sending in hair option, purchase your desired custom wig services, send in your hair & we will bring your hair back to life for you in wig form. Turn around time for your custom wig does not begin until we have received the hair from you. Hair must be received within two weeks of order placement otherwise your order will be canceled, and your payment will be refunded to you in the form that it was received.

Please note, there are a few requirements when sending in your own hair: We will not accept used lace products. Lace products (closures or frontals) must be brand new. We only accept lace closures in size 4×4 or larger as well as lace frontals in size 13×4 or larger, nothing smaller. Lace must not be abnormally shaped and edges of lace must be sealed. If you have any questions on what lace we accept for a custom wig, please contact us & avoid having your order delayed. All hair and hair wefts absolutely must be clean and free of thread and glue. We will not accept wefts with glue on them nor will we accept any cut wefts shorter than  10” or hair that is not human hair, Hair in those conditions will be returned to sender. Please be sure to label each bundle with its length to avoid any confusion when we are constructing your wig.

You will be contacted upon purchase of our custom unit services with information on how & where to send in your hair.

Can Chic Society co. provide the hair for my custom wig?

Yes you will be given the option for us to provide the hair from our premium virgin hair collection via the custom wig order page. Please contact us if you would like your wig constructed with hair from our raw collections. Note lace sizes provided by us are 5×5 and 13×4.

How do I measure my head for a custom wig?

Below you will find a picture tutorial on how to obtain the necessary measurements we will need to create your custom wig. For the most accurate & comfortable fit we require these measurements. We highly recommend using a soft/flexible measuring tape and making sure your hair is as flat as possible to obtain the most accurate measurements. If you feel uncomfortable taking these measurements we do offer telephone or video chat consultations free of charge to you. Please contact us via email and we will gladly set up a time to consult with you. We want to do everything in our power to ensure you get the measurements correct as we do not allow refunds on any of our custom products and that includes custom wigs. Chic Society co. is not responsible, if your wig does not fit properly and you did not consult with us to ensure you had the correct required head measurements prior to placing your custom wig order. However we will offer you the option to return the wig to us to be reconstructed in the event their is an issue with sizing. There will be a $250 take down & remake fee and you will be responsible for all shipping fees. In the event you consulted with us about your custom wig measurements and your wig does not fit properly, the fee to take down & remake your custom wig as well as all shipping fees will be waived. Please contact us immediately should you encounter any issues with the fitting of your custom wig upon receipt. Return instructions if necessary will be provided to you at that time.

What type of wig caps do you use to make my custom wig?

We offer two types of wig caps, mesh dome caps & ventilated caps. Mesh dome caps are fully enclosed while ventilated (breathable) wig caps have openings which allow more air to circulate the scalp. Here at Chic Society co. we prefer ventilated caps. This type of cap allows you to easily get to your scalp throughout the day to massage it or scratch it. If you decide to sew your wig down to secure it for a period of time, this allows for easy access to apply oils or moisturizers to your natural hair underneath. We recommend point tipped nozzles when applying any products to your scalp. This style of cap is especially great for those that like to exercise, as it allows air to circulate and prevents heat and moisture from be trapped under you wig.

How do you make your wigs?

We make our wigs using a sewing machine which makes them more durable & longer lasting than hand sewn wigs.

Do you cut the wefts when making my wig?

Yes, we cut the wefts to give your wig the flattest and most realistic appearance. We only use the fold over method when either the customer special requests this or when the customer has over 4 bundles as we want to ensure it all fits into the wig. A weft sealer is used wherever the weft has been cut to greatly minimize shedding.

When will my custom wig order be shipped out?

The current turn around time for custom wig order completion is 10-15 business days. (Weekends and Holidays not included.) Please Note: This timeframe does not include shipping times. Please see our shipping policy for details on our shipping & handling timeframe. Once your custom wig is completed we will send you detailed pictures of the wig for your approval prior to shipping it out to you. Once you have approved the wig, it will then be shipped and  you will be updated with tracking information via the email that was provided to us at the time of order placement.

What if I need my custom wig quicker?

Please contact us by email if you would like to skip ahead of other orders and have your wig completed sooner than our normal time frame. For expedited orders, wig completion time is 2-3 days and shipping will be approx 2-3 business days after that. The fee to expedite your custom order is $75 an invoice will be sent upon contacting us.

How do I properly care for my custom wig & get the most out of it?

To get the absolute most out of your custom wig proper care and maintenance is vital. Please see our hair care page to learn how to properly care for your wig.